About The Photographer

Sunset on Topsail Island SoundARTIST’S STATEMENT – TIM MCDANIEL

Ever since about the age of 13, I have been told that I have an ‘eye’ for photographing things. I never really took them seriously, as I have always been my worst critic until I decided one day that maybe I should share my work. I thought that perhaps by allowing others into a part of my life, they would experience some of the joy that I feel everytime I see something beautiful capture my attention, then to be captured forever on a photograph.

I have photographed everything from landscapes to flora, even a couple of weddings and portraits. If I think it needs to be memorialized I’ll shoot it (so to speak).

I moved to Virginia from California after living there for over 27 years. I had the opportunity to see and experience many things, then found myself in central Virginia shortly after a rather large earthquake convinced me to try something new. Ever since moving in 1994 I have seen a new and fresh kind of beauty all around.

I started taking more and more photographs and began sharing them with my close friends and family. After hearing enough positive feedback, I decided to begin showing my work.

So there you have it. I remain humble and let others share my joy. One photograph at a time.

-Tim McDaniel


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